Welcome to Modern institute of medical sciences Central Library. As one of the best established libraries according to MCI Standards. Library is fully computerized. And with the help of computers you can read online journals. All the stock of books and periodicals continuous updated for the users. The college has an excellent Health Sciences library with state of the art facilities. The library has been carefully planned to have more space & natural lighting for the comfort of readers. It has a large number of books and journals and modern self-learning facility through audio-visual aids to keep the readers abreast of latest medical developments all over the world. The library has regular subscription of International & National journals on Health Sciences. The library is also equipped with computers with internet facility. The digital library has needful collection of CD-ROM, e-journals, on-line journals. There are a reading room available for the student and Faculty members.

The central library is air conditioned and has good reading environment with facilities of various sections: Alongside the library is an e-library running fastest of the processors and internet connections on 40 nodes to provide access to a plethora of online journals and e-books.

The library is located in the 3 Storied Block and is spread over First to third floors. The total area of the library 28000 sq. feet the library building is equipped with well furnished reading halls in all the floors, with Wi-Fi facility.

Floor Map:

Level 1: Reading room available for the student and Faculty members. Seminar rooms are air-conditioned, built with fine aesthetics, ridden with state-of the art facilities like multimedia projectors, modern acoustics and comfortable seating.

Level 2:    Text books, Reading Hall, Circulation Section, E-Library, Reprography section.

Level 3:    Periodical section and Reference section with well equipped reading Hall for faculty and student.


Working Hours

8.30 a.m. to 9.00 p.m.

All working days

Circulation Time

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

All working days

Reading Section - This is a repository for all medical and other health   related books.This section contains foreign authored books and is available for daily circulation and overnight loan. This section include books In different area of discipline.

·        Technical Section Considered as the “behind the scene” section of the library, this section is where the mechanical and technical processing of books occurs before they are included in the collection for circulation.

·        Circulation Section Issuance of clearance to student. (Issue/Return/Reissue).

·        Reference Section this section helps the users identify and locate information through various reference materials such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, bibliographies, atlases, gazetteers, yearbooks, indexes, annuals, handbooks, travel guides, and other reference materials. The Academic Research Collection which includes theses and dissertations are also available in this section.

·        Journals Section National and International Journals This section provides current issues and volumes of general and professional journals, magazines and newspapers. Selected information on different fields is distributed to specific users either through personal delivery or email.

·        E-library Air-conditioned computer room with meddler and internet connections on 40 nodes to provide access to online journals and e books. Library users can access internet resources through this section. Further, available online resources in the library website can also be accessed through this section. Printing services are available here.

·        Library Services Reprographic Facility, Wi-Fi Facility, Database Search facility, Current Awareness Services, Multimedia services, Departmental Libraries.

·        Digital Library SectionThis area is the digital archives section of the college. Archival documents are digitized and processed to create digital image of the documents.

·        Rules and Regulations

·         All books must be returned on /or before the due date

·         Books are required to be presented physically at the Counter for renewal

·         Members must replace the book if lost with latest edition

·         Members are required to keep their bags/belongings at the entrance

·         There will be a complete section for referral books to study in the Library only Books which are – Single Copy, Out of Print, Vintage Books

·         Issue of Books to the department Library will be made on a requisition duly signed by the head of the department

·         Journal will not be issued however if someone wants they may be issued on the request of  H.O.D.

·         Cell phones and other electronic communication devices must be turned off or placed in mute or vibrate mode upon entering the library.

·         Eating Materials are not permitted in the library premises

·         Academic work in the libraries is the priority. Mutilation and theft of library materials are serious offenses. Offenders will be penalized and payment must be made to cover all damages, marking in books, journals strictly prohibited

·         Please make sure to be prepared for any checking of belongings by all readers at the security counter of the reading hall

·         Chairs and tables and other library equipment, fittings and furniture may not be marked, defaced, disarranged. Users should not place their feet on chairs or tables

·         Notices, hand outs or related material may only be displayed in the library with the permission of the Librarian

The above mentioned rules and regulations are subject to periodical reviews and revisions. Users who violate these policies will be asked to show their card to library staff member. The library will keep a record of the violation

Repeat violators will be reported to the Dean of Students office or to the Office of The Director. Library privileges may also be suspended.


·       TOTAL No. OF BOOKS                     4831

·       NATIONAL JOURNALS                    0014

·       INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS         0006